Open Singing Auditions: Monday, 2/24 & Tuesday, 2/25 2020 at 7pm

Auditioners should prepare a 32-bar/one-minute cut of music. Please bring sheet music in the correct key.

An accompanist will be provided; no audio tracks or a capella auditions, please. 


Resume and Headshots are appreciated, but not required to audition.

Music selections from the show are acceptable.

Bring completed audition form and conflict schedule!

Callbacks if Needed: Wednesday, 3/26, 2020 at 7pm 

Auditions are Located:  Campus Theatre at 214 W. Hickory Street in Denton, Texas 76201

SA Gentleman's Guide to Love and Murder, winner of four Tony awards, is the story of low-born Monty Navarro when he finds out that he's eighth in line for an earldom in the lofty D'Ysquith family. He figures his chances of outliving his predecessors are slight and sets off down a far more ghoulish path. Can he knock off his unsuspecting relatives without being caught and thus become the ninth Earl of Highhurst? And what of love? Because murder isn't the only thing on Monty's mind....


  • Montague “Monty” Navarro – Gender: male. Handsome, clever, charismatic, vulnerable and endearing. Discovers he is in line to become the Earl of Highhurst and intends to kill off the family that stands in his way. F#3 – F#5

  • Miss Shingle – Gender: female. Monty’s unexpected visitor. F3 – E5

  • Sibella Hallward – Gender: female. The girl Monty loves. G3 – E5

  • Phoebe D’Ysquith – Gender: female. Monty’s cousin. B3 – Ab5

  • The D’Ysquith Family (all played by one man) D3 – F#5 

    • Asquith D’Ysquith, Jr., a dandy

    • Lord Adlabert D’Ysquith, Eighth Earl of Highhurst

    • Reverend Lord Ezekiel D’Ysquith, a clergyman

    • Lord Adlabert D’Ysquith, Sr., an elderly banker

    • Henry D’Ysquith, a country squire

    • Lady Hyacinth D’Ysquith, a benefactress

    • Major Lord Bartholomew D’Ysquith, a bodybuilder

    • Lady Salome D’Ysquith Pumphrey, an actress

    • Chauncey D’Ysquith, a janitor

  • Woman #1: Mourner; Tour Guide; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Bridesmaid; Pub Owner’s Wife; Mrs. Pebworth; Phoebe’s Maid; 3rd Newsboy; Tailor; Selina Chard (Servant); Flower Girl. D4 – D5

  • Woman #2: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Bridesmaid; Mrs. Hetherington; 4th Newsboy; Tailor; Lady Eugenia D’Qsquith; Flower Girl. C4 – G5

  • Woman #3: Mourner; Sibella’s Maid; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Miss Evangeline Barley; Bridesmaid; Miss Hayes; Tailor; Hilda (Servant); Flower Girl. E4 – G5

  • Man #1: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; 2nd Clerk; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Tom Copley; Dr. Brownlee; 1st Newsboy; Weight Lifter; 3rd Actor; Ancestral Bust; Walter (Servant); Dr. Pettibone (Medical Examiner); Prison Guard. D3 – C4

  • Man #2: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; 1st Clerk; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Pub Owner; Mr. Cross; 2nd Newsboy; Weight Lifter; 1st Actor; Lord Asquith’s Physician; Ancestral Bust; Mr. Waters (Servant); Chief Inspector Pinckney. F#2 – Bb4

  • Man #3: Mourner; Tourist; Ancestral Portrait; Skater; Tailor; Groomsman; Pub Patron; Henry’s Employee; Mr. Goodsall; 2nd Actor; Alfred Gorby (Butler); Lord High Steward (voiceover); Magistrate. D3 – C4   |   tickets / box office:  940-382-1915   |   © 2020 Music Theatre of Denton  |  Webmaster